The Owlto Points Program is a significant incentive program launched for loyal members and contributors, including users of our bridging services, referrers, and participants in quests, among others. Different levels of loyalty and contribution will earn varying amounts of points, serving as important credentials for providing value to Owlto.

Starting from June 1, 2024, the Owlto Points Program has undergone a major upgrade. The basic points for bridging to essential networks have been increased, while additional channels for acquiring points have been introduced, including participation in quests. With complete transparency and fairness, the updated Owlto Points program provides ample opportunities for new users to accumulate points from scratch, relieving their concerns about joining late. Additionally, it rewards active loyal users with more generous incentives.

How to acquire Owlto Points?

Currently, there are four ways you could acquire Owlto Points.

1. Bridging Assets

For every bridging transaction completed through Owlto Finance, regardless of the amount bridged, the originating address (From address) will receive point rewards. The exact reward amount is determined based on the target chain (To Chain). Additionally, the multiplier will increase as more bridging transactions are completed. Owlto Points will be distributed according to the following criteria:

Basic Point Rewards for Bridging

Bridge ETH/BTC/USDC/USDT from any network to:

Basic Point



Scroll, Arbitrum (including Nova), zkSync Era, Base, Linea, Zora, Blast, Mode, Taiko, Optimism, XLayer, zkLink Nova, Kroma, BOB, Bitlayer, Polygon zkEVM, Manta, BNB Chain, Mint, Cyber, Astar zkEVM, Starknet, Polygon, Metis, Solana, Mantle, Merlin, B², Core, Zeta, ZKFair, MAPO, BEVM Mainnet, AILayer, Taproot, inEVM and BounceBit.


Bridge wstETH/BNB/USDV/MNT and bridge to other networks


Multipliers of Points for Bridging

  • Phase 2 (Starting from 12/6/2023)

Total Number of Bridging Transactions Completed












Please be noted that the basic bridging point mechanism is also an important part of this upgrade. From December 6, 2023, to May 30, 2024, regardless of the network and token, the point reward for each bridging transaction is 100.

  • Phase1 (6/26/2023-12/6/2023)

Total Number of Bridging Transactions Completed












2. Participating in Quests

Users are encouraged to participate in quests organized by Owlto Finance, especially those highlighted in the Task Column on the official website. During the quest period, completing specific bridging tasks can earn you additional quest points on top of the basic bridging transaction points. For detailed information and schedules regarding the quests, please visit our front page at https://owlto.finance


The user performs a bridging transaction from zkSync Era to Ethereum.

  1. Quest Reward of 500 points for bridging from any network to Ethereum.

  2. The user has completed more than 100 bridgings on Owlto.

  • Basic Point Reward for Bridging: 300 Points

  • Reward Multiplier: 1.5x

  • Extra Quest Reward Points: 500 Points

Therefore, the total Owlto points earned by the user would be "300*1.5 + 500 = 950".

A single bridging transaction can earn a maximum of one quest point. If the cross-chain transaction fulfils the conditions of multiple quests simultaneously, the reward will be the points of the latest quest.

3. Making Referrals

After connecting your wallet to Owlto Finance, a specific referral link will be generated. A new user, whose address haven't previously engaged in bridging transactions on Owlto Finance, would be bonded as your referee after he enters Owlto Finance through your referral link and completes his first bridging transaction. Once your referee accumulates points on Owlto Finance, you will receive 10% of the points generated by your referee during the current Phase 2 Referral Program. In Phase 1, this ratio was 30%.


A new user generates 1000 points for bridging transactions on Owlto Finance through the referrer's link and bonded with the referrer.

Therefore, the Owlto Points the referrer will earn is:

"1000*10% = 100"

To generate your referral link, please visit: https://owlto.finance/rewards.

Please note that through the Referral Program, you can not only earn Owlto Points but also share real revenues generated by your referees with Owlto Finance. The rebate rate for referral commission ranges from 1-1.5x, depending on the number of transactions conducted by your referee.

4. Daily Check-in

Checking in each day will earn users 2 points as a reward. If a user performs a bridging transaction on the same day, the check-in will earn 5 times the points, totaling 10 points.

We have listened to feedback from the community and adjusted the point program to ensure fairness and transparency. These adjustments will be effective from June 1, 2024.

What are the Owlto Points used for?

Owlto has just completed its $8 million strategic funding round, and we are planning to launch the Owlto token in 2024. Owlto Points serve as essential credentials for contributors and loyal users, as well as an important measure of community participation and engagement. We will allocate a portion of the tokens as Owlto's airdrop to eligible point holders.


Q1: How can I check my current Owlto Points?

A1: After connecting your wallet to Owlto Finance, you can check your current total points and points records in the navigation bar. (https://owlto.finance/rewards

Q2: How long does it take for points to be recorded?

A2: Usually, within a few minutes after your bridging transaction is executed, the points will be allocated to your address.

Q3: What should I do if I notice any abnormalities with my points?

A3: If you notice any abnormalities with your points, please feel free to contact us on Discord (https://discord.gg/owlto), and we will promptly address your issues.

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