If you are Aggregators, Cross-Chain Swap, DEX, etc., you can choose to install Owlto-API as your underlying solution to achieve cross-chain functionality between different networks, and in-depth integration to customize your product.

The URL path for API: https://owlto.finance/api/bridge_api/v1/{API}

Documentation: https://owlto.finance/bridge_api/v1/swagger/index.html



Make a query on all supported tokens/chains pairs


Create transaction body for sending to the "from chain".


Check the status of a bridge process

Step Guide

step 1. get_all_pair_infos

Firstly, you can make a query through this API to find all supported trading pairs and related information (such as minimum, maximum values, etc.).

step 2. get_build_tx

Following then, you can create transaction body for sending to the "from chain" through this API. This body does not contain any fields related to gas price.

step 3. get_receipt

After sending the transaction obtained in step 2 to the blockchain, you can use the hash value of that transaction to query this API to obtain the status of the bridging process.

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