Owlto is a universal Cross-Rollup bridge product with several advantages, with the most prominent being that it does not involve minting intermediary assets. This allows for fast, reliable, and low-cost asset transfers between different networks without compromising the security and trustworthiness of the original assets.

Furthermore, Owlto can also support networks that do not have an EVM environment, providing users with more flexible and diverse asset transfer methods while reducing their costs and risks.

In the future, Owlto plans to upgrade its product to implement a decentralized Maker system to enhance the transparency and security of asset liquidity, respond to user demands faster, and provide users with a safer, cheaper, and more efficient service experience. This will provide more opportunities for market makers in the competition and enable users to enjoy more service advantages.

Finally, Owlto has a broad coverage range and is particularly suitable for transferring small assets between Layer2 Rollup networks, covering 98% of user needs. This is due to Owlto not relying on Rollups' support for smart contracts, making it possible to provide faster, more reliable, and low-cost asset transfer services, bringing more convenience and advantages to users.

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