The name "Owl" was chosen as the symbol for the cross-chain bridge because owls are seen as a representation of wisdom and knowledge. In addition, the owl's eyes and eyebrows form two interlocking chains, symbolizing the cross-chain bridge's function. The owl's eyes also represent the bridge's continuous operation, with one eye closed (representing the sun) and the other open (representing the moon), symbolizing 24/7 uninterrupted service to users. Therefore, choosing "Owl" as the symbol for the cross-chain bridge is profound and aligns with our brand image and vision.

In the animal kingdom, owls are excellent hunters, easily capturing prey with their sharp eyes and ears at night. Similarly, Layer 2 Cross-Rollup technology requires high intelligence and sensitivity to quickly and accurately process and transfer assets in high-speed and high-volume transactions.Owls are also very alert and agile, remaining vigilant against any potential threats. Similarly, Layer 2 Cross-Rollup technology needs to have high security and defense measures to ensure the credibility and security of transactions. This requires technical personnel to adopt best practices, such as multi-layer encryption and smart contract audits, to ensure that all transactions are trustworthy.

Furthermore, owls have excellent migration abilities, finding their home in long-distance migrations. Similarly, Layer 2 Cross-Rollup technology also requires high scalability and flexibility to facilitate quick and seamless asset transfers between different networks.

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