1.Has Owlto's smart contract undergone code security audits?

Before releasing product features, Owlto Team hires third-party professional code security audit agencies to ensure the safety of user assets.

2.Which Layer2 Rollup networks does Owlto support?

Owlto is a universal Cross-Rollup bridge product that supports multiple Layer2 Rollup networks. The Layer2 Rollup networks supported by Owlto include Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, zkSync, StarkNet, Linea, Base, Scroll, Taiko, Polygon zkEVM, opBNB and BNB chain among others. These networks are among the most popular and widely used Layer2 solutions in the current Ethereum ecosystem. Owlto's Cross-Rollup bridge can help users seamlessly transfer assets between these networks. The Owlto team is also constantly researching and exploring other Layer2 Rollup networks, with plans to include them in its supported range in the future.

3.Which tokens does Owlto support?

Owlto supports tokens such as ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, as well as other ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. Owlto's asset list is constantly expanding and updating. If you need to use a specific token for Cross-Rollup transfer, it is recommended that you check the latest asset list on Owlto's official website or application.

4.How to perform Cross-Rollup operations?

In the Owlto application, select the asset you want to Cross-Rollup transfer and the target network, enter the transfer amount and target network, and confirm the transaction to complete the Cross-Rollup transfer operation. During the transfer process, you can check the transaction status at any time and re-initiate the transaction if necessary.

5.What should I do if the Cross-Rollup transfer fails?

If the Cross-Rollup transfer of assets fails or takes a long time, you can check the transaction status on the Owlto interface and try to re-initiate the transaction. If the problem persists, you can contact Owlto's customer service team (Support Channel) for further support and solutions.

6.Can I join Owlto's Maker as a liquidity provider?

Yes, you can join Owlto's Maker system as a liquidity provider by providing assets as liquidity and receiving rewards and fees.

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