Owlto Finance has the following advantages over other cross-chain bridge solutions:

  1. High performance and low fees Asset transfers do not require long waiting times and can be completed within minutes or seconds. Since there is no involvement in smart contract execution during asset transfers, it greatly reduces user fees.

  2. Security and decentralization Due to the absence of on-chain smart contract execution during asset transfers, the vulnerability risks of smart contracts are greatly reduced. Since the Maker liquidity providers exist in various Rollup networks, they can leverage the security performance of the Ethereum mainnet to provide sufficient protection for user assets, achieving true decentralization.

  3. Compatibility and interoperability Owlto supports the transfer of non-smart contract chain assets across different Layer 2 networks of Ethereum. Since there is no need to run smart contracts on the Rollup network during the asset transfer process, it does not require support for different EVM, making it possible to run seamlessly across different networks. This enables users to freely transfer assets between different chains and applications, achieving cross-chain interoperability, promoting asset liquidity and interconnectivity between different blockchains.

  4. Scalability Owlto adopts a decentralized transparent Maker solution, enabling any user to become a Maker and provide liquidity services, achieving high scalability. In the future, Owlto will upgrade its Maker solution to a Layer3 solution and build super nodes to better meet user needs.

  5. Excellent user experience: Owlto is committed to providing a high-quality user experience. With efficient transaction processing capabilities and low transaction fees, users can enjoy fast, convenient, and economical transaction experiences. Additionally, Owlto provides a user-friendly interface and operation methods, making it easy for users to conduct transactions and manage assets, further enhancing the user experience.

In summary, Owlto has significant advantages in performance, scalability, security, and user experience, providing a solution to the scalability and transaction cost limitations of the Ethereum mainnet, and providing high-performance, low-transaction cost, secure and reliable transaction processing capabilities while being user-friendly and compatible. These advantages make Owlto widely applicable in DeFi applications, NFT markets, DEX, cross-chain asset transfers, games, and Metaverse. By introducing Owlto, it can promote the participation of more applications and users in the Ethereum ecosystem, and further drive the development and innovation of the blockchain industry.

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