Owlto is a solution that achieves cross-chain asset interoperability on the Ethereum blockchain by connecting different Layer 2 scaling solutions. Here is Owlto's roadmap:

  1. Phase 1: Product Release The first generation of Cross-Rollup bridge products will be launched, supporting asset interoperability between different Layer2 networks. This will include the design and development of the frontend user interface, the deployment and upgrade of smart contracts, and the implementation of asset mapping and cross-chain verification. The product will provide users with a simple, secure, and efficient asset interoperability experience, promoting asset flow and interoperability between different Layer2 networks in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  2. Phase 2: Community Building After the release of Owlto, the work on ecosystem expansion and community building will continue. This will include continuous improvement of product features, enhancement of user experience, and promotion of more Layer 2 scaling solution providers to join. Owlto aims to support almost all Optimistic Rollup and Zk Rollup networks' cross-chain needs, promoting more asset flow and interoperability. Meanwhile, ongoing security audits and risk management will be conducted to promote community building, attract more developers and users to participate in the development and application of Owlto products, and promote community co-construction, co-governance, and sharing.

  3. Phase 3: Ecosystem Expansion After Owlto's products mature and gain widespread application, the next step will be to expand its application scenarios within the ecosystem. This will include in-depth cooperation with DeFi, NFT, gaming, cross-chain payment, and other fields. By collaborating with partners from different fields, Owlto will be promoted and applied in different application scenarios, promoting asset flow and interoperability across different chains and providing users with more convenient and flexible asset management and usage methods.

  4. Phase 4: Technological Innovation With the continuous development and innovation of blockchain technology, Owlto needs to keep up with the times and innovate constantly. This will include the continuous optimization and improvement of existing protocols and technologies, the development and application of new technologies and solutions, to provide a more efficient, secure, and scalable Owlto that meets the changing market demands.

  5. Phase 5: Global Promotion As Owlto continues to develop and mature, it will further promote globalization. This will include market promotion, community building, and partner expansion in different countries and regions to promote Owlto's widespread application and promotion globally, promoting asset interoperability and flow worldwide.

In addition to the Layer2 Cross-Rollup bridge, the Owlto team will also design and develop cross-token transfer and cross-address transfer functionalities to further enhance Owlto's application value in the cross-chain field. Specifically, these functionalities will include the following:

  • Cross-token transfer: Users can seamlessly transfer different tokens across different chains, enabling cross-chain asset transfers. For example, USDT held on Ethereum can be transferred to the Arbitrum or Optimism network, where it can be used or traded.

  • Cross-address transfer: Users can transfer assets between different addresses on the same chain, making it easier for them to manage their assets. For example, ETH held on Ethereum can be transferred from one address to another.

Currently, Owlto supports Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, zkSync, StarkNet, Linea, Base, Scroll, Taiko, Polygon zkEVM, opBNB and BNB chain networks, with supported tokens including ETH, USDT, USDC and BNB, among others. In the future, the Owlto team will continue to optimize cross-chain technology, support more chains and token types, to meet the growing needs of users.

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